What is SPREAD
Sustainable Lifestyles 2050?

SPREAD Sustainable Lifestyles 2050 was a European social platform project running from January 2011 to December 2012. Different societal stakeholders – from business, research, policy and civil society – were invited to participate in the development of a vision for sustainable lifestyles in 2050.

The process started with taking stock of existing knowledge on sustainable lifestyles, and barriers and drivers for change towards them. It continued with systematically collecting promising practices on sustainable living, moving, consuming and society and based on this, further visualising the emerging new practices and gatekeepers to promote current initiatives and the new ideas developed. Backcasting scenarios were developed to evaluate the future development of current best practices and trends. Finally, the SPREAD process results in a roadmap for strategic action that identifies opportunity spaces for policy, business, research and civil society to take action to enable more sustainable lifestyles across Europe.

The SPREAD People’s forum, named ‘iFuture’, brings a ‘real-world’ perspective to the development of questions related to visions, roadmap and further research. The work explores the realities that citizens face every day and the motivations that drive them when striving for more sustainable lifestyle alternatives and for good life. It aims to understand the people’s diversity and frame lifestyle change.

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