Four scenarios for future lifestyles

In the SPREAD project we used a scenario methodology to explore the diverse ways for potential lifestyle patterns to evolve, and how this evolution can overcome current harmful environmental and social lifestyle impacts. The sustainable lifestyle scenarios are stories of possible futures where societies support more sustainable ways of living.

SPREAD Future Scenario timelines are easy and intuitive to read. Click open a scenario from below or from the upper corner. Explore the scenario events by using your arrow keys, clicking the events in the bottom timeline or following the large arrows in the sides of the white view.

Singular Super Champions
Governing the Commons
Local Loops
Empathetic Communities

The four scenarios present differing pathways to reach future societies where sustainable ways of living are supported. It is crucial to understand that the scenarios are not mutually exclusive. They are not an attempt to guess whether the future might look like one of the four pathways. Instead, the future will most probably materialise as a complex reality that combines elements from each of the scenarios.

4scenarios_onfieldsIn order to establish four scenarios that would differ from each other, we defined at the outset four future landscapes through which the scenarios would be constructed. This was done by combining the two critical variables, which we call uncertainties. The two uncertainties and assumptions about them underlining our work were

  • Technology is either pandemic or endemic.
  • Society’s governing principle is either human-centric or meritocratic.

Based on these assumptions, four scenarios including Singular Super Champions, Governing the Commons, Local Loops and Empathetic Communities, were created based on extensive expert input.